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By the Ivy's Chef
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Between the Buns

  • Pickles and our Smokeshow slaw!

  • Pickles and our smokeshow Slaw!

  • Slow-cooked then hand-dipped & fried Ground mustard

  • Buffalo Tenders. Ranch. Lettuce. Tomato. And Smokeshow Slaw + $1

  • Crispy Bacon. Lettuce. Tomato. Balsamic. Mayo. Toasted Sourdough

  • Grilled or Fried Breast. Lettuce. Tomato. Banana Peppers. Brioche Brun | add Cheese +$1




Caramelized Onions. Mexican Blend Cheeses. Bacon.
+ Add Smoked Chicken or Pulled Park +$4


Tortilla Chips. Mexican Blend Cheeses. Black Beans. Lettuce. Tomato. Red Onion. Pickled Jalapenes. Charred Red Salsa. Sour Cream. Add warm queso +$1. Add Smoked Chicken or Pulled Pork +$4

Tres Tacos

  • 12

    Green Smoked Salsa. Fresh Pickled Onien

  • Charred Red Salsa. White Onion. Queso Fresce

  • 12

    Seasoned Beef. Romaine. Cheddar. Tomato

  • 1/2 Rack – $16 / Full Rack – $26


Smoked Meats

Classic Combos

  • 15.5

    Your cheice – One Meat, 2 Sides and fountain drink Cheese Ribs for +$5

  • Your Choice – Two meats, 2 Sides and fountain drink Choose Ribs for +$5

  • 26.5

    Your choice – 3 meats, 3 sides and fountain drink Choose Ribs for +$5

  • llb pork, whole smoked chicken, full rack ribs, 5 sides, 4 fountain drinks


  • Bacon. Egg. Iceberg. Tomato. Avocade. Bleu Cheese Crumbles. Green Onien. Grilled Chicken. Parmesan

  • Spring Mix. Avocado. Red Onion. Monteray Jack. Cucumber. Oregano. Vinaigrette

  • Mixed greens. Grilled carn. Tomato. Cucumber. Red Onion. Shredded Cheddar. Fried Onion. Ranch. BBQ drizzle. Cocomber. Oregano. Vinaigrette. Pulled park or Chicken +$4


  • Tanteo. Prickly Pear. Grapefruit Bitters. Agave. Jalapeno

  • 12

    Herradura. Grapefruit Topo Chico. Fresh Grapefruit. Fresh Lime. Salt

  • 13

    white Mezcal. Fresh Peneapple. Grilled Pineapple. BBQ Rum Rim, Jalapeno

  • Herradura. Cuantro. Fresh Lime. Agave

  • Herradura. Topo Chico. Fressh Lime

Smokeshow Specials

  • Cutwater Gin. Brasil. Fresh Lime. Frech lemon. Cucumber

  • Barebone Vodka. Fever Tree. Fresh Lime

  • Local Moon Rise Bourbon. Montucky lager Beer. Fresh Lemon. Maple Syrup. Orange slice

  • Barebone Vodka. Fresh Grapefruit. Fresh Lime. Salt Rim

  • Cutwater Rum. Fresh Lime. Fresh Orange. Passion Fruit. Simple. Grenadine

+ Gratuity Not Included




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